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Amazing 2016 4x4 Sprinter Van Conversion with Radiant Heated Floor.

In this video we will be touring our van Bella(now sold) with a complete remodel that we did. We will be featuring our TWS 1000W Solar Roof Deck and Storage Box and also the Radiant Heated Floor Kit created by our good friend and partner Van Life Tech!

Hi guys I'm Savannah and I'm Wes we are tiny watt solar and this is our Bella she's a 2016 4x4 170 sprinter we've been living in Bella for two years now we've been doing the van life for four years.

We bought Bella and it was just a fair cargo van it had no windows it had no nothing they basically quit our jobs when we got Bella to build her up we were just too excited we didn't want to be at work all day Wes was working in a skyscraper downtown Portland on the 19th floor corporate America wasn't into it and we decided to quit our jobs to seek a more adventure.Based flexible lifestyle and start a company tiny watt solar figured it was a small niche and we could take my renewable energy engineering background to counter the mobile market we do Bella.

Bella because the second largest great white shark in the world is the same length this fan 22 feet and just kind of got the shark color so we just picked her name don't you kind of just stuff everyone asked us what color this is and it's literally the skin of a great weight range we're like oh yeah let's name it after a shark so this is Bella also known as our underscore land yacht on Instagram where you can keep up with our personal adventures.Tiny watts solar is our company and we specialize in DIY pre-wired kits for van conversions and other Overland rigs tiny home sailboats trailers you name it we we powered all we started tiny watt solar.

We started traveling around doing solar projects and we've just been slammed ever since which has been great because we've seen the country and we've done ton of projects met a bunch of cool people all while living in a four-wheel-drive Sprinter van that has some pretty cool features that we're going to show.

You can find more info on us here:

Website: (Inquire here!)

Facebook: @tinywattssolar

IG: @tinywattssolar



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