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Amazing DIY School Bus Conversion with Walkthrough Shower.

Justin and Juby were living in North Carolina. They loved to travel and were working hard, but as life often does, bills continued to pile up. They decided to make a drastic change (while they were pregnant with their first child no less).

They built out their bus, expanded their online businesses and began to travel the country. Moving into the bus allowed them to begin taking trips outside of the country as well. Their bus is filled with mementos and unique elements, one of which is an absolutely beautiful shower that doubles as a walkway... Such an interesting use of space in a school bus.

Im Juliana Yasmine aka Juby & I am married to the grooviest person I know Justin Maness aka Honey Bear (because he is a beekeeper) and together we are Justin & Juby. We also have a little one that joined us November 2018 called Azalea.

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