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Beautiful Skoolie Conversion For $27,000| Bus Life.

On November 18th, 2018, we bought our skoolie for $4,000.It had originally been a school bus in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A guy, who was a school bus mechanic in Michigan, purchased the bus to be used as a mobile shop to make calls to other broken down buses in his home town. The bus company didn’t like idea of a school bus showing up to repair a school bus in their fleet, so up for sale it went so he could buy a box truck.

We had been searching for a few weeks and finally found this bus. At first, we found it on Facebook Marketplace. We then found the listing for it also on Craigslist. We drove out to check it out on November 4th, 2018. We put $500 down for him to hold it until his title arrived in the mail. On November 18th, we drove back over to Michigan with an envelope of cash and signed the title!

The Kitchen

We decided to go with butcher block counter tops, since they are easy to maintain and added some color to the kitchen area against our white subway tile and black cabinets. For the faucet and sink, Sarah picked out the Kraus black and stainless faucet that Chris’s mom got us and the stainless square sink that Sarah’s mom got us.

The Bathroom

Our bathroom is split up into two different “rooms.” The first is the toilet room, which really just has our Nature’s Head composting toilet. We truly love this toilet, especially after we plumbed in the urine right into the grey water tank so we don’t have to empty out the small tank the unit comes with every day or two.

The Exterior

The exterior of the bus is painted with Raptor truck bed liner, so it is very tough against the elements, while working as a sealer and slight insulater. We went with the dove grey color for the sides and hood, while using bright white on the roof to block some sun heat.

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