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Beautiful DIY School Bus Conversion -with Clever Design Hacks.

Kristen, Will and Roam (their toddler) live in their Bluebird Bus. They built it out themselves and have a ton of unique things included in their build. They're also incredibly reflective, which is always a nice feature of a tour.

They share the things they love and the things they would do differently, but you never know until you do it. They both work from home, so transitioning to full-time travel wasn't difficult for them and they love their experiences way more than any of the stuff they got rid of in order to downsize.

we really don't have a set date on how long we're gonna live on the road or how long we want to live this lifestyle. We kind of just want to roll with it, we kind of just like pick places that we want to go and make that like our goal.

For the year so last year it was Nova Scotia this year it's Alaska then once we check Alaska off probably pick another place and we'll just keep doing that until we run out of places .

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