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Awesome 2018 Promaster 3500 vanconversion | Stealth Four Seasons.

#VanLife was really the answer to all of our problems so, I'm a traveling RN and that means that I go to different towns and work for a hospital for three months sometimes you can extend up to a year if they need you and you want to stay and for the last three years we've been doing that and relying on apartments.

We already have the nomadic lifestyle we already have the nomadic job it's just we were getting killed an apartment cause apartment costs not in front paws it's not in front cat deposits cat rent, moving bill full month a month of this expensive you can mean it's like two or three hundred dollars more per month ,also all the adventuring and all the backpacking and snowboarding and things that we were end up doing we just weren't home a lot.

We ended up just doing some calculations seeing how often that we weren't home and we were literally pain an astronomical amount of money to literally just store our stuff we knew that we needed to find some like form of mobile home.

For us with Danni being a nurse we are in the city at least three days a week so we can easily go to the hospital park literally right outside the hospital Danni has a walking commute not a driving commute and then we're there for three days and then we can just beeline right back out out into nature where we really want to be.

we've been in the van for eight months and it's been really cool van life for us has become like this harmonious bind between our home life and our adventure time so that we no longer have to choose one or the other is that there they're together.

we are over the moon with this experience and we we get asked all the time like when are we gonna stop how every long we didn't do this and I honestly I don't see an end inside.

I'm Lindsay I'm Danny and we live in a van all right so we went with the 2018 RAM Promaster 3500 extended it is the longest one they offer we're loving it.

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