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Beautiful Tiny House on wheels that offers affordability and flexibility.

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The 'Swallowtail' model is a complete tiny house on wheels that offers affordability and flexibility, with a wide range of optional extras designed to seamlessly upgrade the home as your budget allows. This model has been designed to grow and expand with you as your needs change and your budget grows. The structure, spatial arrangement and functionality can accommodate a range of optional extras and different furniture arrangements. 

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About the exterior This model features a butterfly roof (hence the name 'Swallowtail') with an integrated box gutter and downpipe for easy connection and water collection, all hidden from view beside the feature paulownia timber screen. Textured ply cladding and corrugated sheeting make up most of the exterior, providing modern form with a typically Australian palette of materials.

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About the interior: Two key factors drive the layout of this model - flexibility and affordability. A drop-down loft ladder allows for a relatively open floor plan, giving maximum options for arranging your own space as you see fit. The layout and positioning of doors and windows, while maximising long views and air-flow, allows for future expansion of cabinetry and other built-in elements as your budget allows. 

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A mixed-use loft space - not necessarily for sleeping Flexibility is key for compact spaces. While lofts can make for cozy bedrooms, they're not for everyone. This design allows for a sleeping space on either level with a convenient retractable ladder for access. The ladder offers multiple grab-points and disappears neatly into the ceiling when not in use.

The kitchen essentials A quality core of kitchen essentials is provided with a view to seamless expansion. Our kitchen cabinetry is based around Ikea's affordable and modular system. Expand the cabinetry as your needs require with affordable and readily available cabinets and benchtops. We've designed the space to leave room for expansion. Contact: to buy.

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