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Beautifully designed Ram Promaster with High Roof - Fully equipped.


  • Storage: 2 sliding drawers, 2 large cabinets, 2 mounted cabinets, under bed storage, above the driving cabin storage

  • Insulation: 3 types of insulation, foam, spray, and fireproof

  • Butcher block countertops

  • Comes with solar shower

  • Water: 2 6 gallon clear water tanks, 1 6 gallon grey water tank

  • Gas burner, 2 burners

  • Refrigerator

  • Toilet: Thetford Porta Potti with electronic flush

  • Heating/cooling: Coleman Mach thermostat control

  • Mounted smart TV

  • Throw pillows match the van design in back corners

  • Queen bed (ridiculously cozy!)


  • 2 100Ah batteries

  • 3 methods of charging: shore plug-in, solar, alternator

  • Victron energy battery monitor BMV - 712 Smart (Bluetooth connect to phone app)

  • 3 lighting options: LED dimming lights around the van connected to electric system, battery powered light above sink, battery powered lights around van that change colors (all lights are operated with remotes)

This van is ready for adventure! Built by a professional carpenter and wired by a professional electrician, this van is road AND photo ready! Featuring a modern and bright interior, gorgeous rock sink, butcher block counters, and other unique touches make this van a one of a kind! Lots of storage options for the full time vanlifer or weekend warrior! I have absolutely adored this van and can't wait to witness someone live the magic of the vanlife that this van creates!


  • 2014 RAM Promaster

  • 109,000 miles

  • FWD

  • Tall roof

  • 159 wheelbase (fits into a normal parking spots, longest you can go without the extended version)

  • 2" Tow hitch installed

  • Bluetooth, backup camera

Price: $57000

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