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Comfort in the wild Citroen Relay van conversion.

Conversion Highlights:

  • Underfloor heating

  • OFF Grid Air Conditioning for living space

  • 1200W Solar Power , Victron Energy controller

  • 24v / 200A LifePO4 batteries

  • Low frequency inverter for heavy loads. 9000W peak, 3000W continuous power.

  • 2nd invertor 1000W continuous power for low ener.

  • Recirculating shower, with 10 litres of water you can shower for hours.

  • 18L Forcali Boiler

  • 400L water tank

  • 45Kg LPG underslung tank with LPG detector and automatic shut off system

  • Bespoke climate control Temperature and Humidity

  • Soundproofing and 50mm insulation all around.


  • Thetford Spinflo Triplex 3 Burner

  • 138 Ltr Fridge Freezer , 93L Fridge and 34L Freezer

  • Soft close drawers and doors

  • Countertop power socket ( can power appliances up to 3000w)

You can easily use toasters, kettles and microwave. If running out of LPG you can use electrical induction hob.


The Triple-layered, 18cm hypoallergenic memory foam mattress will ensure maximum comfort and air flow.

The three layer mattress is comprised of:

  • 2 cm Massage Wavy foam

  • 3cm Bamboo Charcoal foam

  • 13cm high density foam

The two facing couches form a massive 185cm x 135cm comfy bed.

The bespoke table is mounted on LAGUN Table base which allows positioning the table in every direction.

Shower Room

A spacious shower room that features a recirculation shower system that will allow you to spend endless time having a relaxing hot shower.

The underslung grey water tank capacity is 90L.

The toilet JABSCO LITE FLASH with soft close lid and touch panel for flush and fill will provide maximum comfort and hygienic environment.

The underslung black water tank capacity is 50L.

All the mirrors and ventilation masks are bespoke and laser cut acrylic.

Storage space

Taking advantage of the camper height the wall hung cabinets provides storage space without being in the way.

Full wardrobe with hangers and shelves.

Under the bed / sofas storage space.


  • Soundproofing all around with Silent Coat will ensure quite evening and a restful night. Also, due to the solar panels covering the top of the van will attenuate the heat or rain sound.

  • Celotex 50mm insulation was installed from top to bottom.

  • Double bubble reflecting foil to further insulate and protect as vapor barrier.

  • 5mm plywood and 8mm PVC cladding will act as further insulation and prevent any condensation.

The idea behind the design for insulation was to cover every inch of metal and prevent all condensation.

Cabinetry / wood work

For all cabinetry and wood work we used marine grade, light wood to reduce the weight to a minimum and prevent mould.

Solar Power / electrics

With a massive 1200W Solar Power you can go off road without worrying about running out of energy. Victron energy solar controller will ensure every sun ray is utilised and stored in the lithium batteries.

The 24V 200A battery bank will supply the energy needed even for heavy loads as Air Conditioning or missus hair dryer. The BMS also accessible from any smart phone will optimise the charging without having to worry of overcharging or depleting the batteries.


The 18L Forcali heater provides hot water throughout the camper and also providing heating during colder days.

The water heated radiator provides a quick way of heating up the camper and the underfloor heating provides a silent way of maintaining the temperature during the night.

Air Conditioning

The 5000BTU off grid air conditioning ensures the comfort during the hot summer days. The insulation is playing an important role in maintaining the temperature and reducing the electricity consumption.

Fresh water supply

The powerful Whale Pump 18 Ltr 12V 45Psi Water Pump supplying all the water requirement for bathroom and kitchen.

The fresh water tank capacity in 400 Ltr. This will allow you to spend longer time enjoying of grid, wild nature.

After 1 year of hard work, pretty happy with the result.

You can see more pictures and videos during the build on Instagram:

Price: £48,500

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