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Couple Builds A Gorgeous School Bus Tiny House.

My name is Tyler and I'm Lexie and this is our bus one wild ride so we got our bus off

Craigslist we searched specifically for one with a rear handicap door because we wanted to

build a garage back there for the motorcycles and then after we designed it a bunch we realized that it wasn't really gonna work out that way so we just built a rack on the back instead.

The bus we searched for for awhile we found this one on Craigslist it has a DT 466 e we didn't really know much about diesel.We did our homework a little bit and just heard that this motors really solid and it should last a really long time, the guy we bought it from had it painted already he had it registered as an RV in California where we were from.

He did a ton of work on the motor before that and on the transmission he did an in-frame motor rebuild already and he put new tires on the back. We kind of didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into or how fast it was gonna be here with the transmission was like it's really slow but it's running perfect so far we've been on the road for about four months almost had the bus for a year now.

I hope you get some valuable from this video and have a great weekend.

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