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Don’t be fooled by his rustic interior, this LDV Van is packed with cool features.

Kitchen Area:

The interior height is 1.8m so most people can stand up comfortably. There's a small induction hotplate for cooking indoors if its too wet outside. a 30 litre fridge tucked underneath the bed and an old jam-pan works as the kitchen sink. Oh so quirky! Cutlery, crockery, glasses and mugs for two; knife set (sharp!), wide range of utensils, 2 pans and a fry pan all with lids, mixing/serving bowls, sieve, kettle and coffee pot; spices; coffee, tea, herbal tea, sugar, oil, salt and pepper. Brendan also comes with placemats, coasters, food storage containers, foil/eco-friendly food wrap.

Living/Sleeping Area: Brendan has a clever couch/bed system, and when out for sleeping is 1.2m wide and 1.9 long with a comfy mattress and protector. Note: we list bedding and towels as Extras at the booking stage in case guests prefer to bring their own. There are coffee sacks on all windows for complete privacy. For those rainy days, we have some interesting books, pack of cards, and a bespoke backgammon set for your use.

Water Facilities: Like all Quirky Campers in NZ, Brendan is certified self-contained. There are 78 litre fresh and 62 litre grey water tanks (with tank level gauge). Hot water via a heat exchange hot water cylinder. There is a flushing swivel chemical toilet.

Electrical/Lighting and Audio Equipment: Brendan has a 300w solar panel on his roof, and a 2200w inverter, this gives On-Grid/Off-Grid capability. 240amp – hours of battery power for all your charging needs. Or, if you want to pitch up on a camp site, he has electric hook-up so you can use the multiple 230v sockets. Brendan comes with a Bluetooth stereo (in the cab) and Bluetooth speaker so you can play your own tunes… useful in places where there is no radio reception!

Location: Brendan lives in Kuaotunu on the Coromandel Peninsula, approx. 20km from Whitianga, 30km from Coromandel Town or 190km from Auckland Airport. If you’re driving your own car, it can be safely parked at the property (off-road) while you’re away. As an optional Extra, Brendan can also be brought to Coromandel town... a great option if you are taking Fullers Ferry from Auckland City. (It arrives in Hanneford Wharf and you then get a connecting bus for the short 10min drive to Coromandel town for pick-up/drop-off handover).

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