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Fabulous 1990 Chevy Van 30 Thomas School Bus Conversion.

My name's Andy Talbott and I'm from McAllen British Columbia Canada a full-time artists been on the road now for three months and this is my bus Bodi he's a 1990 Chevy van 30 Thomas school bus. I'm a visual artist started about six years ago on Vancouver Island painting what I love depending from my photos of surfing and landscapes on the west coast I just a lot of vibrant

colors a lot of geometry a lot of line work that's just very bright and visual and happy.

I guess this story is kind of started from a result of a few different dreams that I had and they all kind of came together at once I didn't really plan it that way that was going through a massive shift in my life.I probably came out of it like two of the hardest years that I've ever been in before it I felt stuck and trout I mean in a career that like I've I just put all my heart into and then in the end I realized it wasn't my true passion . I quit my job and I was al. getting sick of moving in and out of places every single year for the past 15 years. I just wanted a house that was my own and do this trip that I've been dreaming about doing on the west coast of all of North America my entire life.

The bus was beautiful because I brought all those dreams together the idea was to travel to a lot of festivals set the bus up kind of like I was an interactive gallery . I can put all my canvases up outside inside put a tent up as well and in the end it just like I wanted almost make the whole thing into a work of art . I found this bus on Craigslist a guy had been using it for like hunting trips . the whole outside paint job was like brown and green pretty ugly it was a spray painted .

I didn't really know anything about mechanics and I kind of just like hope to meet people on the way along the journey that could help us out. the whole Renault took me four and a half months probably working like ten to twelve days.

I plan on living just lifestyle for as long as I can imagine right now it's just been going really well I'm gonna write it out and go with the flow and see how it goes.

You can find Andi Talbot’s artwork at, and follow along his journey at @bodhibus.

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