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Family Of 3 & their Beautiful Promaster Van-Conversion.

HI, WE’RE JAKE, GIANNA + LUNA ,We got married we started doing all the things we were supposed to do we bought a house we had a baby furniture and decor we just started acquiring more and more things and truthfully the more we acquired the less authentic it felt.

Jake worked long hours to support this lifestyle he was gone most nights we missed out on a lot of family time that I wish that we had and so that's when we realized things definitely needed to change our lifestyle wasn't gonna be sustainable at that point to to give us happiness ultimately.

We needed to do something different and we started to look at other options than the normal things it never really occurred to us that living in the van was an option, we thought of all different alternative lifestyles tiny living boat living but living in a van never really occurred to us.

We are a family of 3 (almost 4) who sold our home and just about everything we owned to live in our converted sprinter van and travel the world. After living in our van for a year and a half, we found out we were expecting another baby so we sold our van with the intentions of buying a new one. Very unexpectedly, we came across a mid-size school bus and everything inside of us screamed it was the right decision for our family so we bought it!

Our van quest lead us from #vanlife to #buslife and we are so grateful for this journey we are on. We have no plan and no end date in mind, we’re just going with the flow, trusting the process and sharing it all with you.

Here you will find all kinds of van life + bus life resources, how-to’s and tips for life on the road. Our goal is to live intentionally and create content that brings value to you whether it’s through inspiration to live an alternative lifestyle, travel more or to simply minimize your life a little.

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