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Fully insulated with kingspan, celotex, Customised woodwork in the entire space Ford Transit.


  • Fully insulated throughout with kingspan/celotex, including a vapour barrier on the floor, ceiling and walls, covered in pine cladding and birch plywood.

  • Full sized, very comfortable double bed, which slides in to form a three seat sofa with a massive under bed storage space, which also can be accessed via a cupboard door at the end. Can be divided to create two small single beds.

  • Twin burner hob with a 6kg direct-fill Gaslow Bottle, this lasted us over a month using it everyday, with plenty left in the tank, and it only costs about £6 to fill up from empty. You can get exterior filling points fitted pretty easily, but we found filling it up inside worked just fine. Includes some European adaptors which just screw on, really simple system and you can get them for pretty much every country. Gaslow have a great online map which shows you all filling stations in UK and a lot of Europe.

  • Carbon Monoxide detector sealed unit with 7 year lifespan, fire-blanket and fire extinguisher.

  • Small stainless steel kitchen sink and tap fitted with a Whale foot pump drawing from a 70L Fiamma fixed fresh water tank, with a small easily removable 10L grey water tank for emptying. This carries enough fresh water for a week easily for two people. It’s filled via a sealed and lockable inlet in the kitchen, via funnel or hose pipe. All of the fittings are food grade plastic.

  • Fiamma crystal roof vent, for air circulation and keeping it cool in the summer.

  • 110ah AGM battery, fitted to a 120w solar panel all running a 12v system with one 12v outlet and 5&1 low power LED lights. There is a separate 240v hook-up installed via back door. We kept this a 12v system so far as it was more than enough for charging our phones and cameras ect. The charge controller was bought with the idea to add more panels and batteries, so the whole electric system can be easily expanded or changed.

  • Professionally fitted side window (with receipt)

  • Customised woodwork throughout the entire space withsolid wood worktops and pine framing, there is no mdf and all of the paints, stains, and oils are natural and friendly.

  • Fiamma Bi-pot Toilet fitted into the rear, unused, which is compact, easy to clean and empty, and serves as a solid cedar wood top seat when not in use.

The Van was converted over 6 months by us, all of the worktops are solid Beech, the kitchen counter is waney edge spalted Birch treated with Hardwax Oil, the chest at the rear of the van is chestnut and ash topped, and all the fretwork was designed and cut ourselves in maple and birch ply. Everything else is pine framed and cladded from our furniture building with a fair amount of Yew trim and detailing throughout, to which I am still adding when I have time. We focused on reusing good wood throughout, and anything we had to buy was always responsibly sourced.

Inside there is a massive amount of storage space without sacrificing living space, an XLWB is big, but still smaller and far more manoeuvrable than a motorhome, and we never regretted the size especially on a rainy day. We managed to pack for months away at a time without a problem, and as it is a relatively light build there is a great deal of unused potential weight. The back left of the van still has a large open area that was reserved for a shower and toilet, however after a few test trips we found that we didn’t need it, so it contains a removable chestnut topped bench. If you planned to travel through the winter, and wanted to fit a boiler for hot showers, then this space would really prove its worth. All the furniture inside is build in units, so there is the possibility to actually rearrange the entire layout of the van without much trouble, this was done for our own sake however the space inside suited us as it was.

This van is ready to travel, and you can go off grid for weeks, but there are also so many options to make it suit whatever you want to do, or wherever you want to go for any amount of time. Roof-racks, all terrain tyres, underslung water tanks, and extra batteries are all options, with enough space to pack gear for every sport and season. Perhaps a small woodburner or a hammock. If you wanted to disappear for months at a time it would easy to do.


  • Reg – AY62 W0X

  • Late 2012 Ford Transit XLWB 350 – RWD

  • 6 speed Manual 2.4L Duratorq Engine that really pulls, not a slow van.

  • 170,000 Miles, but well maintained you could double this.

  • MPG is on average 35, on long open roads it reaches over 40

  • Reverse Camera/ Rearview Camera fitted and powered by the 12v plug in the cabin. There is also a spare plug above the steering wheel for phones, with an auxiliary port on the passenger side.

  • 2 sets of keys

  • MOT’d until 23rd of January 2021 – since her last MOT there has been a new set of brake discs and pads fitted, new handbrake, full service and air filter change. Plus new side lights and a replacement light cover. MOT failed the first time around due to a blown fuse causing a check engine light to illuminate, this has been fixed. Oil & filter have been changed every 6 months regardless of mileage.

Van Price: £12,850

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