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Her 1997 Ford Econoline DIY Camper Van Conversion- Finding Freedom On The Road.

Emma is incredibly determined. She found an older van, ripped everything out and started building it out again. It works perfectly for her and her needs as she travels the country, meeting other van-lifers while connecting with nature and pursuing her dream of teaching yoga. She wants to live a life that is more connected with everything around her and felt as though living in a traditional home in one place would not offer that freedom and flexibility, but on the road, she has found that.

Anyone that knows me well will tell you how much I like to joke around. Life really shouldn’t be that serious. And it definitely shouldn’t be about working your best years away doing something that just makes you feel ‘eh’. It should be about love and travel and honoring our time here and saying YES to things that scare you a little bit and HELL NO to things that don’t align with who you are.

That’s why I decided to move my entire life into a 1997 Ford Econoline van and live every day like it’s my last. The idea is to simplify in a major way; to make room in my life for more experiences that make my heart flutter and tears roll down my face (in a good way).

I travel all over America (and sometimes Canada) in my van, exploring nature, teaching yoga, eating amazing vegan food, making life-long friends, and doing spiritual work that benefits myself and the collective.

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