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Her Beautiful Tiny House On Wheels-Solo Van Life After Retirement.

Virginia is an incredibly inspiring woman. She was already at retirement age, but loved her job. When she learned about van-life, she took her time, built out a beautiful space with the help of friends and family and got on the road. She traveled through her home country of Canada and is now traveling through the states, building community and exploring beautiful places as she goes.

When I was a massage therapist I had a client Michelle who was watching youtube videos on vans obsessively she said and I said I've never heard of that she said well I can't stop watching.

About a month later there was nothing on TV and I was all those damn things I'll just start looking at dosent I went I could do that and I had not thought about retiring up until that point.

Even though I was long past the time I could have retired and I loved my work I did it like for 38 years but if I run into people who are in pain I'm doing massages and then I just suddenly got it

in my head I'm gonna do that and retire and that was it and I'm one of those people that once I decide to do something it usually is going to happen.

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