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Most Beautiful Self Converted Ford Transit Van.

Konnichiwa! We’re Yuko and Eric, from Japan and Hong Kong. In late 2018, we purchased a new Ford Transit with dreams of converting the van into a camper and traveling across North America and beyond. It took us eight months to convert our empty commercial van to a fully livable camper. Over the course of those months, lots of literal blood, sweat, and tears were spent to make our dream a reality.

Growing up in the city, power tools and general DIY intuition were non-existent in our DNA. So we had to learn everything from scratch. How to use a power drill, how to cut wood, how to cut and crimp electrical wires, how to attach drawer slides, and how to build a leak-less plumbing system. And. So. Much. More.

Everything was always so damn hard, all the time and every day! We spent countless hours watching YouTube instructional videos, wandering the aisles of hardware stores, and scanning product listings on Amazon. But when we finally finished converting our camper at the end of April 2019, we both knew that this was one of the greatest personal accomplishments of our lives.

Some of our cabinet doors might be a little crooked and there are scratches and dents all over the van, but we wanted to share everything we learned about converting a van here on our site. We hope you enjoy!

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