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Snoop Dogg doesn't just shake hashish cigarettes

Many people, if you ask them what they think the famous singer Snoop Dogg will be doing today, may answer that he is rocking a hash cigarette and composing a rap song, the two things that gave him fame in the years 90.

But here's Snoop Dogg having a career in the kitchen. He has just published a recipe book, entitled "From Crook to Cook". Snoop says that when shaking hash, rolling cigar sheets has made him a master at rolling and filling sushi.

There are also many green salad recipes. As he himself puts it: "You have to eat the greens, not just smoke them." In this book, Snoop tells the story of his career in the culinary world, which began in the 90s, when he worked at a McDonald's store, until today, when his friendship with the famous American chef made him mature. even more. In fact, Snoop has been collaborating with Martha Stewart since 2008 and has made many cocktails in addition to cooking. Martha Stewart has said they share many common ideas about cocktails. "The only difference," Martha says winking, "is that after drinking too much, she prefers to sleep and relax, while Snoop has other ways."

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