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Spectacular Mercedes Sprinter With Full-Size Bathroom & Recirculating Shower.

Turn our life upside down at 50 to join the Full Time Van Life Community? Sure!! We bought a van, went to work on our Van Build, and then sold everything we owned... including our home in Florida. Why? To move into a 94sf Self Converted Van to travel the world! Yes, we became Full Time Van Life Travelers! To do this, we retired from our careers before turning 50, said good bye to family and friends, left our old life behind and hit the road with our 2 cats... Vanna & G-Money. The plan? Travel the USA, then Mexico, then Central America, and South America. After that, we will put the van on a cargo ship and send it to South Africa. Then Europe, Russia, Asia, India, Southeast Asia, and finally we will end with Australia.

After living in this Tiny House for a year we are so excited to share our Van Tour of this one of a kind design. Full of innovative ideas, this is a custom DIY Van Build/Van Conversion includes; Full-Size Bathroom with Recirculating Shower, Tilting Solar Panels, Attic Van Storage, 12v AC, huge garage and much more!

This 4x4 Sprinter Adventure Van was designed for Full Time Van Life and Full Time Travel. Full build details are discussed in a series of Van Build Tech Talk videos designed for DIY Van Builders or Dreamers looking for How to or inspiration.

We expect this journey to take us 10-12 years. It will be dull of surprises, ups, and downs... but we hope you will come along for the ride!

So come on... take a van tour of our tiny house on wheels and come along with us on the journey.

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