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Stunning Ford Transit custom with noico sound deadening and goal zero yeti station.

This super cozy and highly insulated van is perfect for a couple or a family of 4/5. The layout offers a simplistic design focusing on a large spacious seating area with adequate sized kitchen. The two passenger seats are totally removable and has a quick release feature.

Our top priority is passenger safety when driving which explains no top heavy storage, Instead there are two comfy heavy duty hammock style beds made from Ballistic Cordura, this material is made for heavy duty purposes and is also waterproof. These beds have been engineered to pack away within seconds, be used as permanent storage or simply be compacted and pushed to the back out of the way thanks to the long beam track. During night mode with both hammocks fully extended there is still plenty of room to roam the entire van and sit up comfortably in the sofa seats. These beds can be effortlessly secured into place with the bolts that slot threw the top beam, this stops the beds from moving and allows the vehicle to be driven without needing to take them down.

Our favourite feature is the floating main bed specifically engineered to be an ultra smooth and easy transition from day/night mode. We used heavy duty sliding brackets, which allow the slide out half to be able to hold up to 227KG alone, this is more then enough as the average adult weight is around 65-70KG.

Both the rear passenger seats and windows are FORD ORIGINAL factory fitted. The seats can be removed easily with the quick release levers, this will approximately free up an extra 2msq to your space. The van has recently passed its MOT and will have a fresh service upon sale. The vehicle was purchased from an Arnold Clark dealership at 23k miles and was last serviced then.

The van drives absolutely flawless as expected for its age/mileage. The paintwork is also in excellent condition. Rider comfort was a another priority and almost all road noise in the back has been eliminated thanks to the sound deadening and highly insulated walls, the only slight noticeable noise from cargo area is from the maxxair fan during very high winds.

INSULATION: High quality noico sound deadening throughout, thermafleece cosy wool in wall cavity, spray insulation foam in impossible to reach areas. 50mm Celotex insulation board behind walls and ceiling, 25mm Celotex underfloor and back doors. Sealed to create vapour barrier with foil tape and reflective YBS thermawrap insulation material, this also keeps the van cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Closed insulation foam has been fitted around windows, rear and sliding doors

BED SIZE: main bed is approximately 125cm wide x 190cm long. The odd section of the main bed adds an additional 45cm to the width and has a length of 125cm. This odd section could be perfect for 3rd toddler. Hammocks individually are approximately 68cm wide and 155cm in length

SEATING CUSHIONS: made from 3 inch luxury foam, upholstered in grey/brown textured upholstering material, sewn with heavy duty bonded nylon thread. Each cushion is fitted with zips and features an underlining material called Nautolex, designed to provide breathability and allow moisture to escape. There is a huge storage area under the main bed perfect for storing bedding/ clothes.

ELECTRICAL: The Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Solar station truly is a powerhouse that outputs both 12v and 230v To simply explain; they contain everything you would typically find in an camper-van electrical set up but in one solid unit. GOAL ZERO are the leading brand in terms of these particular power station, this unit cost us £1500. Please take a look at Goal Zero online to gather a better understanding. We were sold on going for this option instead because it’s safer, simpler and incredibly reliable. The unit can be charged in three different ways; by the wall, whilst driving via 12v Cigarette lighter socket or via solar panels (solar not included). Additional batteries can also be purchased and connected for extended wild camping.

LIGHTS: Dimmable LED spotlights, Waterproof LED strip lights with various settings including motion sensor setting. Rear garage motion sensor led rechargeable strip light.

TOILET SYSTEM: A designated space has been made to house a thetford porta potti 365, this will be purchased by us at no extra cost as part of the sale.


WATER: Internal 12v container water pump, 19l fresh/Grey water containers, accessible from inside or outside with convenient outer door.

COOKING: Campinggaz Camp Bistro 2 (we found this to be a safer option than carrying gas bottles, and incredibly popular in the van life community), with 4 Campingaz canisters.

LAGUN TABLE MOUNT: solid built, 360 degree spin removable, heigh adjustable. Easily removable


  • UNDERSEAT STORAGE (under front double and second row seats)

  • 6GEARS


  • MAXXAIR FAN DELUXE ( highly considered as the best in the market by other van lifers)






  • 27,800K MILES






  • 5 SEATER


Model: FORD TRANSIT 350 L3H3

Mileage: 27,800miles

Year: 2016

Price: £32,000

Contact Seller: dannymcgowan96@icloud.com


Source: www.quirkycampers.com

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