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Stunning Handmade Mercedes Sprinter designed to be totally off-grid.

As you walk through the side door you enter the kitchen / bathroom area, underneath all of the handmade wooden slatted doors resides a Dometic 3 way Fridge, Thetford Oven & a 2 burner gas hob. We’ve added hidden details like a spice rack, draws, shelves and bespoke copper taps.

That’s why you’ll find a 400 watt solar panel on the roof – this van is designed to be totally off-grid. We have 2 deep cycle AGM 95 AH batteries and an ABSO DMT 30 amp smart charger which takes charge from the alternator as well as the solar panel, whilst protecting your batteries from over-charge. There is a 2000 watt pure sinewave inverter to plug in your 240v electronics.

The sink and shower have hot water which, with the cooking appliances, runs off of an underslung LPG tank, refillable from the outside.

The large shower is also the perfect spot for discrete use of the thetford porta-loo. We’ve created a little peep-hole through the the cab which you can also access through the front of the van.Two low rise walls lead you into the large seating / bedroom area, this houses lots of storage space and a 100L fresh water tank refillable from outside. There is a detachable swivel table and shelving storage too. We’ve added discrete custom LED lights as well as dimmable spotlights and there are USB ports throughout the van. The heating is run from a very efficient MVAiro2 Diesel heater controlled by a thermostat.

Our latest conversion Olive is inspired by Japanese design & Feng Sui, the perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality. We’ve found this layout works really well when you’re living in a tiny home on wheels, by day you can walk through the entire van and make use of the whole space.

Converted by : Indigo & Olive

Price: £45,000

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