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Stunning Self converted 06' Chevy Express Van.

We started saving and purchased our 2006 Chevy Express in March 2018. We spend four months gutting and converting it after work and moved into the van full time in June. We lived in Minneapolis down by the river for a year and a half and recently hit the road. We are currently skiing our way through the American West before I thru-hike the PCT and Peyton takes a climbing tour.

Converting and moving into a van has been a multi-year dream. The roots really started to take hold when I was through hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2016. I was living out of a backpack for 5 months and was the happiest I have ever been. As Peyton and I talked about our future, we wanted to live intentionally and minimally. We love to hike, climb, ski, and explore on the water. These were more important that anything material.

Peyton and I met when we were interning in Minneapolis during the summer of 2015. We planned a last minute camping trip with a bunch of friends and took off to Wisconsin. Everyone thankfully bailed, because we fell for each other under the stars on a remote lake up north. The next year and half we spent meeting up for weekend adventures and mini getaways as I was finishing up school at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA, and Peyton was finishing his degree in Chicago, IL at Illinois Tech. After graduating, I went off to hike the AT, while Peyton moved to Minneapolis to start working.

The times we saw each other was all about living in the moment taking advantage of every adventure we could. After I joined Pey in Minneapolis, we started saving for our van and adopted our puppy Luli.

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