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Stunning Volkswagon Crafter Van both inside and out.

Here are just some of the details of the build of the Van:

  • Diesel heater- located under the dinette seating with outlets exiting at feet level and one feed that runs into the garage to keep it warm and dry in there. also warming the bed from the underside. The seat has a lift up lid leaving the screw cap to the fuel tank accessible.

  • Water- the water is held in the garage in a 120 litre water tank. It is pumped through the system by a shurflo trail king 10 water pump, it pumps at 10.6 litres per minute. It is then pumped through a fiamma accumulator tank keeping a consistent and smooth water feed.

  • Water heater- the water heater is an LPG instant hot water heater, it is flued out the side of the van to eliminate any unwanted fumes.

  • Shower and tap- both are fed from the same tank, the kitchen sink is a mixer tap and the shower is a standard domestic mixer bar shower that you would expect in your home. The kitchen sink and shower waste exit out the bottom of the van into a mobile waste water container.

  • Lighting and electrical- all lights and electrical points operate from the 12v system. It is located in the garage consisting of 2x 115 amp hour leisure batteries that feed the usb points, the lights, 12v heater controls, shower extractor fan, 12v fridge, bedside reading lights with built in usb point. The entire system has a shut off switch and all the electrics can run through the shore power hook up point. The hook up point is located on the outside of the van and runs through an onboard consumer unit, this will power all your electrics whilst keeping your batteries topped up and also allowing use of the 240v sockets located in the kitchen.

  • Bedroom- has a custom built 4” thick foam mattress and mattress cover, two bedroom cabinets at the foot end for clothing. A custom made headboard at the opposite end, shaped around two touch sensitive reading lights, both have usb charge points in. The main van lights are able to be turned on as you enter via the sliding door and also able to be turned off from bed.

  • Flooring- the flooring is a thin vinyl tile laid in a parquet design.

  • Ceiling- is an 8mm thick solid oak tongue and groove board finished in osmo natural hard wax oil.

  • Dining- the dining area consists of two fixed seats both with their own custom 4” foam cushion, the table top which is fixed to the adjustable table base can be lowered to rest upon the top of the seats and the back of the upright seat is removed to bridge the gap to create a small childrens bed of approximately 1.5m or alternatively turns into a relaxing sofa area.

  • Entrance- there are 4 decorative 12v spot lights in the solid oak step in the entrance, they have there own switch at ground level as you enter.

  • Cabinetry- including kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, seating dinette are all custom made and spray finished with a hard wearing Waterbourne lacquer. All the van walls are also spray finished. All solid oak worktop and solid trim are finished with osmo natural hard wax oil.

Toilet-There is a chemical thetford toilet in the bathroom. The convenience of it being lift in lift out allows more room for showering if needed. However the shower is built around a 1000 x 800mm shower tray so its very spacious.

If you are on Instagram my build page is @eyesopen_vanlife_workshop where you can find a few more pics of the build as its gone along.

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The van was sold for £36,950 😊



Hi there what is the price please ?



Where do you see the prices...?

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