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Billy's been living in self-build vans for three years now and has converted 12 vans himself over that time. Shortly after moving into his first van he set up a company called Vertical Vans, which builds and sells vans. With each new conversion he has learned from the last and tweaked and improved where he sees fit and this 12th creation form Billy is a really awesome home on wheels.


  • Custom hickory cabinetry

  • Natural wool insulation package

  • Waterproof flooring

  • Queen memory foam bed

  • Butcher block countertop

  • Custom upholstered seating with 24” flip up table

  • Heater powered by van’s fuel tank

  • T-vent windows

  • Bike and ski storage bays


  • 210ah Lithium LiFePO4 battery system

  • 570 Watts of low profile solar panels

  • Two burner induction cooktop

  • 90 quart low amp refrigerator

  • 10 speed fan roof with remote control

  • 12 gallon water system with lo-flo electric pump

  • 36 inch gear storage drawers

  • Four zone LED lighting with dimmer

  • Automatic battery isolator to charge while driving

I moved into my first Van I saw a need for quality build-outs in the market for people that either didn't have the time to do their own build-out or they wanted to invest in something a little more quality than what their their current skill set can allow, so this band is the 12th one that we built out in that time frame and I feel like come to a pretty-pretty optimized layout and and solution for for how to live kind of the minimalist lifestyle in a van.

Check out Billy's Van Build Company :

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