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The perfect Van for a cosy couple’s getaway, or a family adventure holiday.

The idea for Bonny came about as an alternative to sky-high rents in London...why pay eye-watering amounts to rent a tiny, poorly maintained, impersonal space when we could build our own beautiful little home on wheels and park it anywhere! As a result, from the outside Bonny is unassuming (looking very much like she did in the days when she helped deliver office supplies) so that she could house us discretely, even on London streets. However, on the inside, Bonny was built to deliver real home comforts!

Not content with Bonny solely acting as our home, we also decided she had to take us on a 6 month trip around Europe - from freezing Norwegian mountains to baking beaches in Italy. As a result we wanted air conditioning/heating to keep us comfortable in far flung destinations and enough storage for our adventures when we got there. Knowing that a journey is best measured in friends rather than miles, we also designed Bonny to sleep 3 adults/children on fixed beds...and we can even get a 4th adult sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.

We've whiled away many nights with friends around the table playing heated board games and eating delicious spreads of food! Her fine linen bedding, warm copper sink and festoon lights mean that wherever you are going, and whomever you are going with, simply pull down the blackout blinds and batten up the hatch - you will soon forget you are in a van at all!

Bonny is the poster child for flexible and configurable living! We’ve lost track of how many combinations the seating and bed can be transformed into. What we know is that she’s the perfect van for a cosy couple’s getaway, or a family adventure holiday. If you're looking for easy access to campervan hire London, let Bonny whisk you away! This roomy van packs an amazing amount of storage into its very cleverly thought out space.

Designed for a full time European adventure and now available to hire in London, she has enough room for all the clothes you could possibly need for a long holiday. She packs a hi-spec punch with air-con, heating, top-spec insulation, solar power and large water reserves. This means you can easily head off-grid through arctic winters or tropical heat.

The seating has been designed so that you can have a sofa combo for three or swap out seating for additional worksurface space. We’ve never come across a more accommodating campervan before! This stunning central London campervan really does feel like a home from home.

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