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Beautiful Couple build their own camper from scratch.

After listening in awe to the tales of their friends and family who owned and travelled in campers, it’d always been a dream of Dave and Helen's to own one for themselves. With Dave a self-confessed DIY addict and Helen a lover of any excuse to get creative and play with interior design, they knew the ultimate goal was to build their own camper from scratch, with the hope of creating a real feel of home from home. In July 2019, the dream became a reality when they found Floyd; a 2015 Peugeot Boxer courier van with a ton of potential! The dimensions of Floyd were perfect for their needs; tall enough to stand in, wide enough to sleep across the van, long enough to feel spacious and short enough to fit on the driveway.

Cooking Equipment: In addition to the two-burner gas hob inside, there is an optional compact BBQ that you can use to cook outside. Floyd has everything you could need to cook up a feast, including: mugs | plates | bowls and cutlery for four |two crystal-look acrylic wine glasses | champagne flutes | large tumblers | two chopping boards | stove top kettle | toaster | frying pan | large and small saucepans |various cooking utensils. Floyd also has a collapsible washing up bowl | dish drying mat and a small dustpan and brush.

Water Facilities: Floyd has a 70-litre cold water tank and 22 litre hot water tank. These feed the kitchen sink and the outside shower and are filled from a single water inlet point on the outside of the van. The hot water is heated by either the diesel heater or an electric immersion heater, which can be used even when off-grid. Waste water drains into the grey water tank slung under the floor. This is easy to empty into an appropriate disposal point via the tank's drain tap. There is also a portable toilet available.

Audio Equipment: Floyd has a radio, CD player and Bluetooth in the cab. In the main living space, there is an optional portable Bluetooth speaker. For those who enjoy relaxing to a movie after a long day exploring, Floyd can be hired with an integrated projector and 55” retractable screen. The projector accepts HDMI and USB connections allowing files to be played from a memory stick or streamed from services like Netflix via your phone or tablet.

Parking: If you drive to collect Floyd, you are welcome to leave your car in his normal spot on a driveway in a quiet residential street. If you come by train, Floyd's owners will be able to pick you up from Melton Mowbray station.


  • Vehicle Type: camper-van

  • Make: Peugeot

  • Model: Boxer

  • Year: 2015

  • Vehicle Length: 5.4 metres

  • Vehicle Height: 2.7 metres

  • Max Laden Weight (MAM): 3500 kg

  • Payload: 600 kg

  • Transmission: manual

  • Fuel Type: diesel

With large comfy sofas during the day and a snuggly double bed at night – Floyd is the prefect camper van to hire for a romantic getaway, a couples wild camping adventure, and most importantly, an incredible rolling home away from home.

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