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Tiny House For Family Of 6 School Bus Conversion

Aaron and his family of 6 live in their 40ft. Bluebird bus, which serves as an amazing home and gives them the ability to see the country. Aaron works full-time from the bus as a way to fund their adventures and they homeschool their 4 children. His knowledge of solar and the setup they have is out of this world amazing.

We got the bus because we started talking about alternative ways of living we had a house with 2,400 square foot and the kids were much smaller at the time but we just seemed to have a lot of

kid cruft everywhere and a lot of things and a lot of stuff and constantly churning through it or giving it away or throwing things in the dumpster and we're also doing house remodel at the time so it just felt like we had a lot of things everywhere and we really just got tired of curating things.

The bus was sort of like a mantra to take and say well if it doesn't fit in the bus we don't need it and so we started using that idea in that containerization and and what do we really need and we

continued to reduce things and I think that was really the the drive for this was what what's the minimum essentials do we really need to have a comfortable family home and I think this is kind of what we're found for equilibrium right now it's definitely improved our lives for the number of things that we have to deal with having much less in higher quality has been really a huge improvement in our lives .

I think that has brought us together as a family a lot closer finding that balance and getting everybody to work together it's been our challenge and our and our reward for doing this thanks for taking a little tour on our bus it's been our home for a while now and we've really put a lot of work into it to try to make it that I hope it inspires you to build something that fits your life

and your lifestyle and is comfortable.

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