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Young couple did an awesome 1986 Mercedes Benz 407D conversion.

We are Laura & André, a travel-loving couple who has completely broken out of their comfort zone by entering vanlife. We have always been very security-conscious people who “live according to plan”. For various personal reasons, we took the step in June 2018 and bought an 86er Mercedes Benz 407D, which we upgraded to a van without any manual experience. We have been on the road since April 2019 - apartments and jobs in Germany have been canceled - and are traveling Europe.

We record our entire Vanlife story on YouTube and Instagram. From conversion to travel and van life videos, we share all of our experiences. We hope to give back part of the Vanlife Community, give inspiration for travel destinations in Europe and of course also entertain. It is particularly important to us that we don't just show the beautiful sides. We are very open and honest with our viewers.

Our van is a ‘86 Mercedes Benz 407D (aka Oskar) from the German Red Cross. The conversion took us nine months and what we tried to achieve, is a farmhouse kind of interior. We are sharing our experience through travel vlogs on YouTube and hope to inspire others to follow their dreams.

-- Check them out:

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