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After A Cancer Diagnosis She Sold Everything & Built A Stunning DIY School Bus Conversion.

Denise decided to take on her Cancer diagnosis head on. Instead of giving up, she battled with holistic medicine and built a school bus conversion to travel with. I'm excited to have her on the channel and look forward to seeing her one day on the road.

I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015 and I decided to go to all-natural route no chemo no radiation and I couldn't afford to maintain my mortgage and my high dose vitamin C IVs. I saw like a prison bus that was like driving through the neighborhood and I was like, oh uh what if I do a bus and then I started googling and youtubing all of that stuff and I came across off-grid Julie Chris.

I paid $3,000 for this but I ended up selling my shed to buy my bus so everything in here that

you see I sold something to buy something the only thing that I paid a big penny for were my tires because it's like the foundation of your home. So I replaced all six tires and then I paid for the solar system which was almost five grand and then everything else. I sold something to buy something so I really didn't dish out too much money it relieves so much stress for me.

when I left it was sad because it was 11 years of my life and it was everything that I worked hard for it was the American dream. I had it all I had a BMW , I had it all so I let go of all the material things. I converted the school bus on my own it took me about a year and a half with some help of people I decided to just go and live my life out until my time is up but so far so good they gave me six months to live and it's been almost four years .

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