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Friendly Eco Dome House with UNBELIEVABLE View of Guatemala.


This absolutely amazing environmentally friendly eco dome house nestled into the mountainside. Obviously the first thing that you notice here is this little fire pit area with the wood stove in this cute little sitting area that allows you to just chill and relax and look out onto this incredible view of volcanoes.


The owner wanted to be environmentally friendly so it was really really important for the owner not only to build this eco-friendly home but make it available. So people can come and actually experience what it feels like to live sustainably so hopefully they can take something from that and go on with their lives hopefully living a little bit more sustainably.

The coolest part of the mornings here is that you can walk out on the patio and still see the moon

shining through the clouds the Sun is rising and two volcanoes are just emerging from the cloud cover.


The interior of this design is the openness there are two huge windows on each opposite side of this space and the space is actually just under 300 square feet so because of the windows in the

openness of the space you would never be able to tell that it's actually a tiny home.

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