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Adventure photographer & family live full time on the road | Self-converted off-grid van.

Jacob Moon is a freelance photographer and storyteller who designed his dream tiny home with the help of his wife Natasha. We got a family van tour of this incredible house with a full bedroom, office, bathroom, garage and beautiful kitchen. This family has lived on the road for the past couple years and have raised their daughter on the road and in the outdoors.

The story goes that Jacob was a full-time nurse and wanted to chase the dream of spending more time outside and with his family. He decided to buy and convert a 2004 Dodge Sprinter and convert it by himself. Jacob is a self-taught photographer who’s made a living traveling the world and working with some of the best out brands in the outdoor industry. Him and his family have had the opportunity to share their experiences on the road and through their workshops, social media, meet ups and blogs on each of their own personal websites.

Their Sprinter conversion is one of the best camper vans we’ve come across and is such a unique build out. The deck was recently built with recycled materials and is a place that they have attached their Roadshower, solar and light bar which also doubles as an awesome spot where they hang out. Inside they have transformed the interior to warm home with all the essentials.

On one side of the van you have the kitchen with a two-burner stove and deep chefs sink. Mirroring the kitchen is the work station where Jacob & Natasha work remotely and it also doubles as a desk for their kid to work or play on. Since they don’t co-sleep with their kid, Natasha has designed a bed that can safely keep in their kid inside and looks really cool too. Below the raised bed is where they keep all their toys, batteries and gear for adventures.

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